Advanced Usage

Sort & Ordering

You can sort your result set in an ascending or descending manner by supplying these two extra parameters.

The sort parameter tells Cachet which property to sort the results by. By default, this will be the id of the object, but you could decide to sort components by their name or status.

Ordering is achieved by passing the order parameter. This should either be asc or desc.

To get all components, sorted by their status in a descending way, we'd use http://demo.cachethq.io/api/v1/components?sort=status&order=desc.


To control how many results per page, the endpoint should return, we add a per_page parameter.

Using the same query above, we can limit our components to 1 per page http://demo.cachethq.io/api/v1/components?sort=status&order=desc&per_page=1


You can perform basic searches on many of the endpoints, by passing through a key/value pair containing the column name and the value you want to match.

As a different example let's search for all incidents with a status of 2, https://demo.cachethq.io/api/v1/incidents?status=2&per_page=1.

Not all object key/values can be searched

This includes any keys that match sort, order and per_page. You should check the relevant GET requests to see what keys can be searched.