GitHub oAuth Token


Emoji support is turned off by default!

To enable Emoji you'll need to modify your .env file and add CACHET_EMOJI=true.

Supporting Emoji codes such as :smile: and :beers:, is made possible by GitHub's public API.

Under some circumstances it's possible to hit GitHub's API rate limit quickly. This would render your status page inaccessible.

To get around this you can create a GitHub oAuth Token and set it in your .env file. Follow these instructions to create and setup Cachet with your token.

To GitHub!

Start off by going to your GitHub Settings page


Uses the sidebar to access Personal access tokens.


Generate a new token

Click on the Generate new token button in the top right of the view.


Give the token a name, such as: Cachet GitHub Token. Then uncheck all scopes except for User.


Click Generate token and GitHub will take you back to the list of tokens from before. Copy the code into your clipboard.


Put the code in your environment

Now you need to edit the .env file and add the following (or change the default value if you're a new installation).


After changing the configuration you'll now need to run the following:

$ php artisan config:cache