Third-party Integrations

Below is a list of known applications or services using the Cachet API.

Cachet Monitor URL monitoring. Automatic incident updates
Sensu Cachet handler for updating Cachet
Hubot Cachet hubot script to manage incidents/statuses with Cachet
Nagios Notification Nagios event handler to push Nagios notifications to Cachet API
Salt Cachet module to use with Cachet
Pingometerhttps://pingometer.comWebsite uptime monitoring
Cachet URL Monitor an URL using HTTP status code, latency, and/or payload regex
Zabbix-Cachet your Zabbix IT Services and Cachet
CheckItOn.Ushttps://checkiton.usServer monitoring tool
Cachet-Monitor URL status via checking status codes, supports all Cloudflare http codes and more. See README for more
Cachet Manager Cachet components status and Metrics. The script Auto generate and Update Metrics on your status page.