If you've installed Cachet using Git, then upgrading should be straight forward, requiring just a few minutes.


Before you get started, backup!

Make sure that you've taken a backup of your Cachet database. We test thoroughly, but you never know.

Cachet v2.3 will automatically backup your database for Postgres and MySQL installations only.

Maintenance mode

Before we go any further, it's good practice to put your status page into maintenance mode. This will simply show a "Maintenance" page until the updates have completed.

$ php artisan down

Fetch the latest code

Upgrading with Git is very easy:

$ git fetch origin
$ git tag -l
$ git checkout LATEST_TAG



Checking out a LATEST_TAG value won't work. You need to replace this with the latest version from the output of git tag -l.

Upgrading dependencies

Next, we need to upgrade our dependencies. These usually contain bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features.

$ composer install --no-dev -o --no-scripts

Update the app!

We now need to ask Cachet to run any migrations, upgrade paths, and clean up anything that is no longer needed.

$ php artisan app:update

Starting the app again!

$ php artisan up

If you don't start it again you will get a 500 error too!

Experienced any issues?

If you experience any issues when running these commands, you may need to execute the following command:

$ rm -rf bootstrap/cache/*

You may also want to try restoring from the backup you took earlier.